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Nepal Biotechnology Association

Nepal Biotechnology Association

The Nepal Biotechnology Association (NBA) has a remarkable history that began with the visionary scholars and scientists who recognized the need for a united platform for biotechnology in Nepal. It all started during the first regional conference of the Association of Plant Physiologists of SAARC countries (APPSC) held at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu from October 3-7, 1988. During this conference, prominent experts felt a pressing need to establish an organization that would serve as a hub for biotechnologists in Nepal. Motivated by this vision, the Nepal Biotechnology Association was officially formed on October 7, 1988. Registered as a professional non-governmental organization under the society act of the Nepal Government (formerly HMG, Nepal), with Registered Number 54/049/050 in July 1992, NBA has been steadfast in its commitment to advancing biotechnology for the greater good. The primary objective of NBA is to raise awareness about biotechnology among people from all walks of life, including researchers and technicians across the country. We understand that biotechnology has the potential to revolutionize various fields, and we seek to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public. Additionally, NBA actively collaborates and communicates with both national and international organizations in Nepal, particularly in the fields of agriculture, forestry, health, environment, and industries. By fostering these partnerships, we ensure that Nepal remains at the forefront of biotechnological breakthroughs and benefits from global advancements. At NBA, we firmly believe in the power of sharing knowledge and expertise. Our association serves as a platform for the exchange and promotion of the latest biotechnological techniques. Through organizing national and international conferences, symposiums, workshops, seminars, and lectures, we bring together scientists, researchers, and professionals to discuss and showcase cutting-edge advancements in biotechnology. These events not only facilitate the dissemination of knowledge but also foster collaboration and innovation. To further our mission, NBA regularly publishes a journal and newsletter. These publications serve as valuable resources for our members and the wider community, providing updates on the latest developments in biotechnology and showcasing the exceptional work being done in Nepal and beyond. By becoming a part of the Nepal Biotechnology Association, you join a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to harnessing the potential of biotechnology for the betterment of Nepal. Together, we can drive innovation, address societal challenges, and contribute to the sustainable development of our beloved nation. Join us at NBA and be a catalyst for transformative change. Together, we can unlock the immense possibilities that biotechnology holds for Nepal's future.

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