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from “Physics and Reality” (1936)

Celebrating Excellence in Biotechnology:
NBA's Best Article Awards 2024

Welcome to the official blog of the Nepal Biotechnology Association (NBA)! In this post, we are excited to highlight an esteemed event that recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of biotechnology – the NBA’s Best Article Awards 2024. These awards aim to honor researchers and research teams who have made exceptional strides in biotechnology through their original and innovative research endeavors. Let’s delve into the details of this prestigious event and explore the significance it holds for the biotechnology community.

Recognizing Exceptional Contributions:

The Best Article Awards 2024, organized by the NBA, seek to acknowledge and celebrate exceptional contributions in the field of biotechnology. The awards are divided into two categories: the Open Category Award and the Life Time Members Category Award. The Open Category Award is open to all researchers, while the Life Time Members Category Award is exclusively for researchers with life-time NBA memberships.

Eligibility and Criteria:

To be eligible for these awards, the research work must fulfill specific requisites. The first author of the article must be a Nepalese citizen, and at least 50% of the research work should have been conducted within Nepal. Furthermore, the research must have been published in 2023 in a journal indexed in the SJR (Q1-Q4) category. The major field of the research should be in the domain of biotechnology.

Benefits and Impact:

Winning the NBA’s Best Article Award 2024 offers numerous benefits and opportunities for the recipients. The award serves as a testament to the hard work and achievements of the winners, providing recognition and validation for their efforts. It enhances their professional reputation and raises their visibility within the biotechnology community. Additionally, the award serves as a benchmark of excellence, inspiring others to strive for greatness in their research endeavors. The winners’ profiles and achievements will be featured on the NBA website, ensuring global accessibility and further recognition.

Application Process:

The application process for the NBA’s Best Article Awards is straightforward and accessible. Interested researchers need to check their eligibility and nominate themselves or their colleagues by filling out the online submission form OR directly mail to the provided mail contacts. The nomination documents will undergo a screening process, and the selected nominees will be notified via email. The winners will be announced on the official NBA website, and an award presentation ceremony will be held to honor their accomplishments.


The NBA’s Best Article Awards 2024 represent a significant milestone in the field of biotechnology. By recognizing exceptional research contributions, these awards encourage excellence, collaboration, and innovation within the biotechnology community. The winners not only receive well-deserved recognition but also benefit from enhanced visibility, increased networking opportunities, and a boost to their professional reputation. The NBA remains committed to fostering advancements in biotechnology and looks forward to celebrating the remarkable achievements of researchers through these prestigious awards.

Stay tuned to the NBA’s website and social media channels for updates on the Best Article Awards 2024 and other exciting initiatives in the field of biotechnology!

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