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Prof. Dr. Tribikram Bhattarai

Biotechnology is based on the advancement in biological science and it is used in product development and industrial production as well as in service industries. Biotechnology, in the form of traditional fermentation techniques, has been used since human civilization to make food and beverage like bread, cheese, yogurt, wine, beer, etc. The advancement in molecular biology and biochemistry started modern biotechnology which has opened its novel applications in agriculture, medicine, environment protection, industry, and also in criminal justice. Modern biotech industries making biotechnological products have created unprecedented opportunities that benefit mankind not only by manipulating biological systems but also by undertaking studies to understand fundamental life processes. It is a technology of the 21st century, which is rapidly advancing and helping in the rapid economic development.

Industrial countries and some developing countries have already benefited from the advancement in Biotechnology producing more environmentally friendly products from plants, animals, and microorganisms; producing cost-effective new pharmaceuticals; using more efficient disease diagnosis and treatment; effective criminal investigation methods, etc.

Biotechnology industries are knowledge-based industries. A country with well-trained manpower having novel ideas and skills in this field can get benefit from this new technology. Nepal is always late in getting economic benefits from modern technology only because we are late to import the knowledge timely. To reap the benefit of modern biotechnology we should not be late. Nepal Biotechnology Association (NBA) was established in 1988 and working by its activities to motivate students to get knowledge in biotechnology and the government and public to use this technology for national development. Now it is high time to produce skilled manpower in the country and provide ample opportunities to them to serve the country in increasing agricultural production, health benefit, and industrialization of the country.

The contribution of students of Biotechnology especially in the diagnosis of COVID 19 infection in Nepal is praised by the society, which has helped to work against the COVID 19 pandemic. NBA from its inception is engaged in different activities organizing seminars and conferences in Biotechnology regularly, publishing the Journal of NBA, and organizing talk programs from national and international experts. Its members and executive are committed to the development of biotechnology in Nepal and hope with our activities we can contribute to the academic and economic development of Nepal.


President (NBA)

Prof. Dr. Tribikram Bhattarai

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