Past Events

  1.  The first International conference on Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology was organized from April 15-20, 1991 in Kathmandu. Eminent 195 scientists from USA, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Israel, Belgium, Holland, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal participated in the conference
  2.  National Conference on Biotechnology was organized from April 29-30. 1993 at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. Eminent Scientists from India, Bangladesh and Nepal participated in the conference. A week long Biotechnology workshop organized from 24-30 November, 1993 at Tribhuvan University. Prof. Dr. Uttam Lal Rajbhandari, Department of Biology, MIT, USA was the chief expert of the workshop.
  3. One day biotechnology symposium was organized with close cooperation of Central Department of Botany, TU on May 24, 1994. Prof. H.K.Das, Director Genetic Engineering Unit, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi was chief speaker of the symposium.
  4. A talk program on ‘Somatic Embryogenesis of woody legume’ was delivered by Prof. Sirish Chandra Gupta, Head Deapartment of Botany university of Delhi on December 2, 1994.
  5.  One day Biotechnology symposium was organized on March 20, ,1995 in cooperation of Central Department of Botany, TU. Dr. B.D. Kausik, Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi and Dr. Sunil Sharan Department of Industrial Microbiology, Patana women’s college were the chief speaker of the symposium.
  6.  International conference on Biotechnology and Biodiversity, November 14-16 2000 (Kartik 2057) was held in Birendra International Conference Centre, Kathmandu. The conference was inaugurated by HM King Birendra Bikram Saha Dev. 95 research papers were presented in the conference by participants from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Israel, France, Pakistan, Canada, Newzealand, Norway, China, Italy, Sri Lanka,
  7. Talk program on Protoplast culture, biological nitrogen fixation and its application in agriculture biotechnology was held on Magsir 2, 2060 by Prof. Dr. E. C. Cocking at Department of Medicinal Plant, Thapathali.
  8. Honorary membership of NBA was awarded in Mangsir 2, 2060 to Prof. Dr E.C. Cocking honoring his contribution in Protoplast culture of plant and Biological nitrogen Fixation.
  9. A Half day seminar with Talk program was held on 12 November 2003 (26 Kartik 2060) by two Swedish scientist of Gothenberg University Prof. Dr Anders Jonson (Trends in Swedish agriculture Research and Development-Biotechnology and precision agriculture) and Prof. Dr. Olof Olsson (Plant Biotechnology- a way to increase global food production).
  10. NBA is publishing Newsletter regularly.
  11. Publication of Journal: NBA is publishing Journal of Nepal Biotechnology Association since 200.
  12.  NBA has Completed feasible study for the establishment of National Biotechnology Centre, Nepal and the final report is submitted to Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Nepal in March 2012


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